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First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits

Some Important First Aid Kit Supplies


The first aid shop usually consists of a series of equipment and supplies which are designed to provide immediate medical assistance when a person is affected by an accident or other kind of emergency. There exists a wide range in the contents of first aid Kits based on both the knowledge and expertise of the people who pack it. It is advisable to store it in a central location, away from the reach of children and animals. But there are instances where such kits are misplaced during camping trips and other outings, rendering them useless for further use.

To avoid such situation, it is crucial to know what should be included in a first aid kit. The basic equipment and supplies include bandages, anti-bacterial solutions, adhesive tapes, pain relief measures, eye goggles, pain killers, aspirin tablets, washcloths, tweezer, rescue breathing apparatus and anti-septic materials. Other emergency contact details may comprise name and contact number of family members, emergency call or number of paramedics, physician or surgeon, lab tests for serious diseases and symptoms, laboratory reports, personal items such as medicines, branded bags, plastic gowns, etc. A check list, including all the items, should be kept in a handy manner. The check list should also include all the possible emergencies.

An emergency contact number must be included in the First Aid Kit contents list along with the name and contact address of the doctor. In case of children, it is essential to include the medicines taken by the children during the day. The other items are mostly not required but having them in the kit would make it easier to access in case of an emergency. Rubber gloves, safety glasses, disinfectants, safety pins, adhesive tapes, eye goggles, wipes, and other useful tools are always welcome in a first aid kit.

The size of the kit matters a lot. It should be in accordance with the requirements. The size of the kit can either be based on the needs of the person and his personal situation or it can be based on the number of people that are in the kit. Usually, the size of the kit needed is based on 4 persons, but if it is based on more than that, it becomes difficult to carry. Hence, the size of the kit should always be decided in advance. Having too much of a good thing may not do any good and increase the chances of failure.

First Aid Kits should be easily accessible. Some of the kits may contain extras that are used frequently, like bandages, pain relief, sterilized sponges, sterilized tweezers, cotton balls, etc. All these should be in easy reachable reach. These kits are also divided based on its contents. The major contents in an emergency kit are medications, medical devices, disinfectants, wound dressings, and eye glasses.  Check out this post that has expounded on the topic: www.firstaidsuppliesonline.com/shop/.

In order to make your first aid kit, you must decide what you are going to put into it. If you are not sure, you can take a look at what your home has. You can then buy the necessary items from there and put them in your kit. When buying your first aid kit, you should always go for the brand that you know. This will give you more peace of mind and make you comfortable. You can also consult some other individuals who already have one in their possession and ask them for some suggestions.  Check out this post that has expounded on the topic: https://www.encyclopedia.com/sports/sports-fitness-recreation-and-leisure-magazines/first-aid-kits-sports.

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